Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre Bottlenose dolphin Photo-identification Catalogue 2011

Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre 2011 bottlenose dolphin photo-id catalogue

CBMWC 2011 Bottlenose dolphin Photo-identification Catalogue

Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre's bottlenose dolphin photo-identification catalogue includes data and images collected during the 2005-2011 field seasons.

Bottlenose dolphins inhabit large areas of the world’s oceans from cold temperate waters to tropical seas (Carwardine, 2000). Cardigan Bay, Wales, is one place where these animals can reliably be sighted in the UK and for many years it has been known that it is an important area for bottlenose dolphins. The bottlenose dolphins found in Cardigan Bay are the focus of this long-term photo-identification catalogue compiled by the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre

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