Registered commercial users on Skomer, 2017

Skomer seals

Skomer Seals

Skomer Island is an incredibly special place for wildlife and people alike. To make sure that everyone has the best time possible on Skomer we ask all commercial operators to register with us so that we can better regulate the activities that occur on Skomer.

We advise that if you are looking to participate in an event on Skomer you choose a registered operator. Commercial operators not registered will not be allowed to operate on Skomer.

All of the following commercial businesses are registered to operate on Skomer in 2017.

Wildlife Tours

Guillemot coming into land on Skomer Island

Guillemot by Andy Davies

West Coast Birdwatching run by Dave Astins in conjunction with Skomer Island

The Nature Travel Collection


Drew Buckley Photography
Puffin photography days throughout the summer on Skomer

Jamie Gundry Images
Residential photography courses on Skomer

Natures Images
Photography holidays on Skomer

Natures Lens
Residential photography holidays in June and July

Going Digital
Photography training and tuition

John Archer-Thomson
Wildlife Photography


Hester Clack Yoga, run in conjuntion with Skomer Island

Please note that these businesses are only registered to operate on Skomer and are not endorsed by The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, and as such, The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales does not accept responsibility for the quality of the courses or the safety of the participants.
If you wish to register your business to operate on Skomer, please contact us to find out more.

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