Water for People and Wildlife in Swansea

Garden_PondA natural water system is a finely balanced thing, relying on wetlands, ponds, trees and plants to slow down the journey of water into rivers to create a healthy home where people and wildlife can flourish. So what happens when we pave over these green areas? Water is no longer absorbed by soil and vegetation, and runs quickly off hard surfaces into rivers often carrying pollutants which can impact our rivers and beaches. In storm conditions, instead of being held back as it would be in a natural system, water is delivered to rivers in one hit, which can lead to devastating flooding and overloaded drains and sewers which can cause damage to wildlife.

With increased flooding and water pollution becoming a huge problem in our urban areas, it has become clear that we need to change our ways and take action for our water environment.  We can do this by mimicking the Water buttcountryside in our towns and cities, creating features such as ponds, green roofs and living walls, all of which reduce the amount of water reaching rivers whilst also creating habitat for wildlife and beautiful places for people.

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales is now working with Natural Resources Wales to find areas in Swansea where features such as ponds, wetlands and living walls can be created for the benefit of wildlife and the local community. The Wildlife Trust will then work with the local community in one of these areas to create a mini nature reserve within Swansea.

If you know of an area where you would like to see a pond or green roof, please get in contact with our People and Wildlife Officer Rose on 01656 724100 or email.