Up Close and Personal

Otter and sewinHave you ever forgotten your binoculars when out in the countryside, or looked on with envy as the person next to you gasps at what they are looking at through theirs?

Now it no longer matters, if you are visiting the Welsh Wildlife Centre at least. The Centre has recently started a scheme to rent out binoculars to visitors of the Centre and Teifi Marsh reserve.

Teifi Marsh Reserve, the home of the Welsh Wildlife Centre, hosts otters, kingfishers, dragonflies and much more and binoculars will give you the chance to get up close and personal.

Not only are there now binoculars but there are also Explorer Packs available for families to enjoy.
The Explorer Packs store a treasure trove of games and activities to play along the nature trails, packed with fun ways to learn about wildlife and get creative.

“We want visitors not only to immerse themselves in the beauty and tranquillity of the Nature Reserve, but also get a real sense of the drama going on inside it too” said Sarah Kessell, (Chief Executive of the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales)