Island in glass

Not Your Bog Standard Loo Window

Skokholm Island has a history of unusual toilets and its latest is no exception. Previous toilets have been adorned with art work from generations of wildlife enthusiasts. The newest addition should inspire many a wildlife enthusiast.

skokholmwindow2Instead of your bog standard loo window Skokholm Island has a stained glass masterpiece. Thanks to Linda Norris the island’s reinstatement as a bird observatory has been celebrated in glass.

Linda has taken her inspiration from many aspects of the island, from pictures of the Alice Williams (a ship wreck on the island), notes made by Ronald Lockley (renowned naturalist) as well as elements of the island rarely appreciated before.

The island’s lighthouse features and so does the Trinity baton, a carved hand holding a baton which is traditionally taken off the island and exchanged for a new one when the lighthouse keeper changes.

The toilet is also in the process of being twinned with a toilet in Africa which will be on a migratory route for some of Skokholm’s birds.

Sarah Kessell, CEO of the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales who manage the island said “This is a beautiful piece is a reminder that a long history of science and artistic inspiration have gone hand in hand on the island.”

“Skokholm’s long association with scientific research has culminated in the reinstatement of the island as a Bird Observatory, highlighting the importance of long term research work; the window reminds us of what inspires us to care so dearly for this place.”