Buffalo Boy


 A surprise was in store for the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales on their Teifi Marsh Nature Reserve. Local assistant, John Thomas, was monitoring the water buffalo used by the Wildlife Trust to manage their Teifi Marshes nature reserve and he discovered there was one extra. Over the previous evening one of the female buffalo had given birth.


Baby bufallo by Nathan Walton

Baby bufallo by Nathan Walton

This was somewhat earlier than anticipated and the Wildlife Trust Officer Nathan Walton, who manages the reserve, believes the rich grass and great habitat on the marsh may have contributed to its earliness.

 The Wildlife Trust use water buffalo on their Teifi Marsh reserve for managing the land around the Welsh Wildlife Centre.  They are perfectly suited to the wet conditions and help by opening up new ponds and manage back vegetation. They are superbly adapted to the conditions and make for a magnificent sight on the reserve.

 Nathan Walton said “It’s come as quite a shock to us all as this is really early and now we are keeping an eye on the other two pregnant females. We are delighted though and think our new arrival will settle in well”

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