Bluestone Become Corporate Members

Trust's New Partner to Transform Ecologically Poor Land into a Wildlife Haven

The Trust and Bluestone, in Pembrokeshire, have worked together in the past, but the partnership marks the start of a new chapter in which the Trust will be undertaking a range of projects aimed at helping deepen Bluestone guests’ understanding of the natural environment.

Those projects include the Trust managing the 60 hectares of woodland at Bluestone as a nature reserve.

At the official launch of the partnership at Camp Smokey, Bluestone’s woodland cookhouse this week, Iolo – naturalist, TV presenter and Trust president – shared his expertise with young guests on a Junior Rangers session.

He was also delighted to learn how the careful transformation of ecologically-poor farmland into Wales’ only national park resort is enabling wildlife to thrive.

Said Iolo: “It’s not often you see a development like this which so easily marries a boost to the economy with a boost for local wildlife. In my experience, that’s pretty unique.”

He added: “It’s the first time I’ve been here and what struck me immediately is how prepared to take new ideas on board the team here are.

“I also think it’s fabulous that while the new partnership paves the way for even closer working, the Trust has been involved here right from the word go. That’s the way it should be, so this is a model example in many ways.”

The chief executive of the Trust, Sarah Kessell, added: “A passion for wildlife and a desire to share that passion with others is really what links Bluestone and the Wildlife Trust, and where we share an ethos. We’re delighted to be in partnership with the Bluestone team, and we’re looking forward to working together on some exciting projects.”