Beasts of the Western Wild Return

Water Buffalo are hardly a sight you would expect to see at a Welsh nature reserve, but a herd has been successfully introduced at Teifi Marsh to graze the wetland. The animals enjoy getting their feet wet, so they are far more suited to grazing boggier areas of ground where domestic cattle would not be happy.

Buffalo at Teifi

Buffalo at Teifi

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales have been using these wonderful creatures for managing this large wetland for a number of years. Owned by a local farmer they are brought to the marsh each year as they keep the wetland open making it better for the local wildlife.

Nathan Walton, Wildlife Trust Officer for the reserve said “Water buffalo like nothing more than wallowing, thus creating pools and ponds, which are perfect habitats for dragonflies, frogs, newts and wetland birds.

They also munch away on willow and reed mace which can choke up the wetland and ponds making it less interesting for wading birds.”

If you get to visit this wetland (one of the best in Wales) then do keep an eye out for these fantastic creatures who will return on the 11th April.