Success for South Pembrokeshire Local Group and Brown Hairstreak Bank Holiday

Members of the South Pembs group were delighted to learn last month that their application for an ‘Awards For All’ grant had been successful. The £4,999 will be spent on laptop and projector for visiting speakers (and creation of new Power Point talks), a management plan for Pembroke Upper Millpond, producing Reserve leaflets for West Williamston, and special equipment for Brown Hairstreak survey work there.

Brown Hairstreak by J Hambley

Brown Hairstreak by J Hambley

We ran a fantastic survey day August bank holiday. Coming from as far away as Cardiff, seventeen keen butterfly enthusiasts met at West Williamston (in Pembrokeshire) to join in a brown hairstreak study.

The aim of the day was to see how many brown hairstreak adults were on the wing at a given time, as part of information gathering to try to establish the size of the colony there.

Between 11.00am and 12.00 noon people were stationed at various parts of the reserve, asked to observe a particular site and the Ash there, and to record to the minute any brown hairstreak seen.

Although bright with sunny periods, the temperature was not quite up to that required for the butterflies to be fully on the wing. It was rewarding therefore that the outcome was a total of 6 females recorded, with a further 3 ‘probables’. They were all seen in sheltered locations, and later in the day everyone was treated to excellent views of females egg-laying in the glade where earlier a lazy female had spent over an hour basking approximately 20’ up in a small Ash tree.
Anyone wanting further information or to take part in future sessions, please contact Nikki Anderson