Skokholm Archives Project

Although the first phase of this project will be completed at the end of March, The Friends of Skokholm and Skomer are only just beginning the huge task of getting to grips with all of the material relating to Skokholm.  We have spent the eight months from August trying to find out who has what, and to that end have visited about twenty institutions and individuals as well as making contact with many, many more.

pile of filesWe have been delighted by the responses we have received almost everywhere: folk who already know Skokholm seem pleased that we are trying to organise the archives, and those who have never been there seem remarkably interested in the project and more than willing to help.

If any of you have material relating to Skokholm, be it photographs, audio recordings,  diaries, reminiscences, or anything else I haven’t thought of, please get in touch.  It may be that we already have or know about your particular piece of information, but we may not.

New stories keep cropping up, and there are still years when we have hardly any photographic record of what went on.  We know precious little, for instance, about the war years – yet it seems unlikely that no-one ever visited.

Carol Collins, Secretary of the Friends of Skokholm and Skomer.

01949 81798