New replacement infrastructure in Pengelli Forest

Recent works within Pengelli Forest nature reserve have improved visitors experience to the site.

The reserve has 3 shelters that visitors can stop and sit in, immersing themselves quietly within the natural environment that surrounds them. Sadly, all 3 structures are slowly rotting away and now becoming unsafe.

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales was fortunate to receive funding from Welsh Government’s Sustainable Management Scheme - Natura 2000 fund to upgrade one of the shelters near the main entrance and this has now been completed. It was undertaken by local contractor Andy Gill from Natural Timberworks and is fine addition to the reserve. We are now in the process of securing further funding to replace the other two structures with the hope to have them erected by the end of 2021.

One of the bridges within the reserve was also in a poor condition with rotting timbers and so this has now been replaced with a new structure that should last some time.

Future works include resurfacing the forestry track for better management access along with installing sections of boardwalk though wetter areas of the reserve. Again, all hopefully to be completed by the end of 2021.

It is pleasing to note that the pied flycatchers are nesting in the woodland once again and this year has seen an abundance of bluebells, wood anemones, and early purple orchids.

Dormouse monitoring has started although none seen to so far yet evidence of nests have been found. Woodmice are certainly doing very well with most dormouse boxes occupied by this species, along with nesting birds such as blue tits and great tits.

Nathan Walton, Reserves Manager