#WILDFundraiser Blog

Our supporters are incredibly important to the Trust and play a vital role in the feasibility and successfulness of the conservation work that we do.

From our practical volunteers that help with reserve management, those who help spread the word and raise awareness, to those who undertake WILD fundraising activities for the Trust, we are incredibly grateful to all our supporters who help champion change for nature with us.

Our exciting new campaign, WILD Fundraiser, aims to provide an inclusive and accessible way for anyone to be a part of the solution. It aims to show that nature’s recovery is at the heart of our own decisions and that our individual actions can really make a difference.

Stay tuned this September...

But for now, we've heard from YOU and all your fantastic WILD Fundraising challenges. From Pentathlons to WILD walks, triathlons and WILD concerts, here's what some of you are up to, in a bid to champion for a Wilder Future.

Meet Imogen Ruth Lloyd Kingston. At 10 years old and our youngest #WILDFundraiser, Imogen has just completed her first Pentathlon to raise money for Skomer Island. Here's what she had to say..


I’m Imogen Ruth Lloyd Kingston and I’ve just done my first pentathlon!!!😁👍

My grandad loved nature, and to celebrate this every year on his birthday May 5th, I raise money for a local wildlife project!

In my pentathlon I: Ran 5, rock climbed at Morfa Bychan, went horse-riding at Pendine, kayaked down the river Tywi and cycled 5k back home!

The reason I chose to do a pentathlon is because I love wildlife and love to see my donation have a happy impact on it and I am very adventurous and energetic.

Doing five of your favourite sports in one day- what could be more exciting??? ( okay apart from the fact that my limbs nearly fell off!!) 🤩🥳🤣😁

I’ve previously helped to fund a new roof for the hogs at Pembrokeshire Hogspital, local footpaths, nestboxes, webcams and this year I’m very excited to be giving to Skomer island again. I can’t wait to go there and see what the money is being put towards! I love puffins! They are so cute!

Imogen undertaking her 5k as part of her #WILDFundraiser
Imogen kayaking down the river Tywi

If you'd like to support Imogen, you can donate via her Go Fund Me here.

Meet Rebecca Dix who is walking 1 million steps to raise money for a #WilderFuture. Here's what Rebecca had to say..

From the start of March I have challenged myself to walk 1 million steps in three months. To keep me keen I decided to make it a sponsored event. I chose to support the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales. The majority of my adventures since lockdown began have been in these areas (when allowed outside of course!) and the importance of saving as many natural habitats around our beautiful country has been pressed home upon me.

Getting out for walks in the national parks, coastal paths and Wales' spectacular outdoor spaces has been my saving grace this last year so it makes perfect sense to try and give back to the very thing that has boosted me over the last year or so.

If you'd like to support Rebecca, you can donate via her JustGiving page here.

(c) Rebecca Dix
(c) Rebecca Dix

Meet Gina, our Marketing and Development Manager who is undertaking her first ever Half Marathon to raise money for a #WilderFuture. Here's what Gina had to say..

On the 12th June I’ll be taking part in the #RunWILD half marathon (13 miles!) to raise funds for The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales. The impact of COVID 19 on the charity have been devastating and they need to raise funds to ensure our precious wildlife is protected and that the Trust has a future.

If you'd like to support Gina, you can donate via her JustGiving page here.

Gina will be joined by other runners from the EMPOWER group on the day!

Meet Madi, our Digital Comms Officer who is undertaking a Sprint Triathlon to raise funds for 30% connected and protected land and seas by 2030. Here's what Madi had to say...

I’m joining The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales’ mission to rebuild biodiversity and connect and protect 30% of land and seas by 2030 🌍🌊

Biodiversity is declining at an alarming rate and our natural world is in real trouble. These next years are crucial in nature’s recovery and we must support as many efforts as possible to not only highlight the urgent need for action, but to put it at the forefront of decision making.

I’m fundraising for The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales to show that there are many ways we can help as individuals, groups and businesses, to raise awareness of the biodiversity and climate crisis whilst at the same time putting it at the heart of our own decisions.

The 30-30-30 campaign calls urgent action and aims to make space for nature to thrive again and give struggling wildlife the chance to recover.

If you'd like to support Madi, you can donate via her JustGiving page here.

Madi training for her Sprint Triathlon

Meet Kayleigh-Ann Evans who is undertaking a #WildWalk to raise money for a #WilderFuture. Here's what Rebecca had to say..

My name is Kayleigh, I've lived in Pembrokeshire all my life and currently live on the Pembs/Carms border with my partner and my daughter. I have a huge love for nature and am happiest when I'm outdoors.

In the couple of years before the pandemic I've been lucky enough to visit Skomer with my family a few times and am always moved by the work done to preserve the islands habitat, so when I got the chance to do a #WildFundraiser I knew exactly the cause I wanted to raise for.

I'm excited to have the chance to contribute to the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, who work so hard developing and sustaining the natural world around us for generations to come.

Follow my progress on my #WildWalk throughout July!

Kayleigh-Ann is "happiest when outdoors"
If you'd like to support Kayleigh-Ann, see here JustGiving page here.

Are you undertaking a WILD Fundraising challenge and want to support The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales? Get in touch with Madison, our Digital Comms and Fundraising Officer to see how we can support you!

Contact Madison at m.bowden-parry@welshwildlife.org