Walk in Their Pawprints – Wilder Future

Walk in their pawprints

In our trailer, you see how our wild places have become disconnected – with our friends’ homes and places to meet damaged and blocked by obstacles. Take a walk in the pawprints of your favourite character and look out for problems they may face around you.

Submit your thoughts in the form below to discover what you can do to help.

What obstacles to wildlife are most common in your area?
If you were a hedgehog and needed miles to roam to feed at night, could you get through the fences in your area?
If you were a toad are there any ponds nearby to lay eggs in?
Are there trees and woods near you for badgers to build setts in?
If you were a water vole like Ratty, could you burrow into the banks of the river near you?
If you were a mole could you get up out of the soil of has someone paved or astro-turfed the areas of grass near you?

Share the issues you encounter in your area in our form below, then go on to be inspired with ideas for actions you can take for wildlife at home, working with friends and neighbours – or by getting your local Council involved – to great new homes for Badger, Toad, Mole, Ratty and friends.

Tell us what is stopping wildlife thrive by you

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