Parc Slip Memorial Enhancements

Parc Slip is on the site of an old coal mine and in 1892, an underground explosion saw that 112 men and boys and 16 colliery ponies lost their lives. This had a devastating affect within the local communities.

Within the original memorial of 112 stones near the mine entrance, there was a cascading water feature. However, persistent issues with the pump and advice of potential impacts of legionnaires disease, the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales was forced to disconnect the feature. 

With funding as part of the Valleys Regional Park grant and not wanting to forget the origins of the nature reserve or the important cultural connect with the local community, we have since been able to make a number of enhancements to the memorial area.

After consultation with the Parc Slip Memorial Group, Reserve Officer Tim Jones and Wildlife Education Officer Catherine Lewis have managed the implementation and installation of these great new additions;

A memorial path naming all people involved on that fateful date 26th August 1892

Reclamation and restoration of an original Parc Slip dram

A stunning new bench has been installed

New information panel with colour sketches from original new paper plates

A audio u-turn machine which tell the story of the day’s events in 1892

Wildflower meadow area

Local contractors were sourced for the majority of the work, and whilst spending time down at the memorial it was great to hear the reaction of local people using the reserve, with lots of visitors having a story to tell of a past distant relative.

The Parc Slip Memorial Group meet on the anniversary of the disaster 26th August at 8.20am to commemorate all those involved in the disaster.

Hopefully these new additions to the Memorial site are a fitting tribute.

Tim Jones, Reserve Officer WTSWW