Important Information for Dog Owners at Parc Slip

Lapwing on shingle by Phil Bennington

Lapwing on shingle by Phil Bennington

Keeping our wildlife, visitors and dogs safe

Disturbance to breeding birds can be damaging

Disturbance to breeding birds can be damaging

At Parc Slip Nature Reserve we welcome responsible dog owners.

We want the Nature Reserve to be a place that is safe and enjoyable for all our visitors. As a Nature Reserve, Parc Slip must also, first and foremost, be a refuge for wildlife.

Therefore, we now require dogs to be kept on leads during all times.

There are lots of important reasons for keeping dogs on leads that owners need to be aware of. Here are some of the main issues.

As we are in the breeding season (March—August) it is critical to prevent disturbance to the animals on site. Keeping dogs on leads helps to protect the ground nesting birds, vulnerable wild mammal populations and prevents disturbance to grazing animals. This also ensures the safety of the dogs.

Keeping dogs on leads ensures that the owners are aware of the mess their dogs make and can therefore bag it and bin it.

Dog mess is an unsightly health hazard, and poses a risk to the many families and children who visit Parc Slip, along with the reserve workers who risk blindness if it comes into contact with their eyes. Dog mess is also bad for wildlife as it promotes the growth of weeds and discourages the growth of wildflowers.

Visitor safety
Not everyone is fond of dogs and some have severe phobias. For the comfort and safety of other reserve users it is important that dogs stay on the lead. Small children are especially in danger from loose dogs, ranging from being knocked down by an enthusiastic dog to being bitten or seriously harmed.

Transmitting disease
Keeping dogs on leads prevents dogs from swimming in the ponds on the reserve, which would otherwise cause disturbance to the wildlife and can also aid transferal of harmful pond plants or amphibian diseases between ponds.

Our nature reserves are managed for the benefit of wildlife. By acting responsibly during your visit and encouraging other visitors to do the same, you can help local wildlife thrive for future generations to enjoy.

Thank you for your cooperation.
To report any issues you witness during your visit please call 01656 724100