Parc Slip Tour

About the trail  – The trail is set at one of South Wales’ most beautiful nature reserves, which supports a wealth of wildlife. Wildflower meadows are intertwined with fields of sunflowers, lakes, ponds, woods and hedgerows.

There are key focal points along the way, as well as the reserve interpretation panels, which will teach you about the history and wildlife of the site.

1. Coal Dram

The Coal Dram A cart formerly used to haul coal from the coal face to the surface in coal mines …

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Miner and son photo Mike Griffiths

2. Father &Son

If your Dad was a miner then if you were a boy you would probably be a miner. Here a …

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3. 1892

Is the date that disaster struck, in the form of an explosion underground at the coal face. 112 men and …

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4. Past to Present

Here you see the dates of significant changes and events of this site, from 1864 to present day. On top is a coal dram.

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Brian the Badger by Rose Revera

5. Badger carving

The badger is the emblem on the Wildlife Trust South & West Wales. The Badger is our biggest land predator, …

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Clifden Nonpareil at Parc Slip credit VMatthews

6. Miner’s lamp with moths

The safety lamp was invented by Sir Humphrey Davy in 1815 to provide a safe source of light underground.  The …

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7. Mandrill / Pick with Foliage

Mandril (or picks) were used to dig coal out from the coalface. They could also be used to break up …

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8. Colliery horses

Horses were used underground from the mid-18th century to the mid-20th century to haul drams of coal from the coal face to the shaft or …

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9. Shovel & Orchid

In summer many of the fields at Parc Slip are alive with colourful wildflowers, from ragged robin and ox-eye daisy, …

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Parc Slip Nature Reserve

10. Coal face to flowers & sky

This depicts the natural changes from coal mine to nature reserve.  Coal changes to soil, with small invertebrate soil, then …

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11. Orchard

The orchard was created in 2021 as part of the Valleys Regional Park project. The formal orchard area is a …

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Parc Slip meadows L Maiden

12. Arable Field

In late summer the arable field looks its best. The field has been planted with sunflowers, corn marigolds, corn cockles, millet and other arable wildflowers …

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13. Northern Wetlands

The Northern Wetlands attracts a variety of wetland birds like lapwing, teal and tufted duck. The area was created during …

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Parc Slip Visitor Centre

14. Pond/visitor Centre

A wild Welcome to Parc Slip Nature Reserve and Visitor Centre, managed by the Wildlife Trust of South and West …

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