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Lapwing in flight by Kevin Head

Lapwing in flight by Kevin Head

Could you help encourage Lapwings to Parc Slip?

Lapwing Lookalikes

Lapwing Lookalikes

The Lapwing is an iconic farmland bird which has undergone drastic declines in recent decades. With the help of our Lapwing Champion volunteers, we have been working hard to create and manage Lapwing habitat at our Parc Slip nature reserve, including:

• Reduced scrub from the boundary of our Lapwing field to reduce perches for aerial predators
• Introduced Highland Cattle to graze the fields to the right height for Lapwing
• Created a series of pools and scrapes to provide feeding habitat for Lapwing
• Provided shingle banks as cryptic sites for nesting
• Installed electric fence to deter predators from entering the Lapwing field

Now that we have prepared the habitat for the Lapwings, we are hoping to encourage as many Lapwings as possible to the reserve to breed. To do this we will be using our new Lapwing Lookalikes.

Lapwing Lookalikes are model Lapwing which will hopefully attract the real birds to the habitat here at Parc Slip. When Lapwings are flying over the nature reserve, they will spot the Lapwing Lookalikes already in the fields, which will show them that Parc Slip has the habitat requirements they need.

Hopefully then the Lapwings will join our flock of Lookalikes and will be able to feed, breed and raise their chicks in the safety of the Nature Reserve.

To enable as many people as possible to enjoy the sight of Lapwings in the Lapwing field at Parc Slip, we are currently fundraising towards the cost of fixing the roof of our Northern Wetlands hide.

To help raise funds for the hide roof, WTSWW are offering you the unique opportunity to sponsor a Lapwing Lookalike.

With a minimum donation of £20 you could sponsor your own limited edition Lapwing Lookalike to receive:
• A sponsorship certificate.
• A picture of your Lapwing Lookalike, ringed with your unique I.D. number.
• A map of Parc Slip showing your Lapwing Lookalike’s specific location so you can spot it out in the field when visiting.

All donations are appreciated and by sponsoring a Lapwing Lookalike you will not only be helping us to fix our hide, but most importantly you’ll be helping to encourage Lapwing into Parc Slip, where they will have a chance to raise their young successfully and thrive once more.

Thank you for your support and if you are able to sponsor a Lapwing Lookalike, please ring 01656 724100 or email l.baggett@welshwildlife.org.

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