New Year, New Pond!

Parc Slip pond after the restoration work

Parc Slip pond after the restoration work

Recent visitors to Parc Slip Nature Reserve will have noticed that the view from the Visitor Centre has changed. Gone is the marshy fen, replaced by a large pond!


Over time the pond had become saturated with silt and debris washed in from the adjoining stream which caused a large build-up of sediment and a fen like structure to form in place of the water. This in turn, had resulted in natural succession taking place which led to the overgrowth of vegetation and loss of pond species who had once been frequent visitors.

Natural succession is the term used when a habitat gradually changes due to natural processes to another, usually more stable state.  Ultimately, the most stable habitat under UK conditions is woodland and this is referred to by ecologists as the ‘climax’ or final state of the habitat.

In order to combat this and bring the area back to the way it once was, work has taken place to remove all the sediment and allow the pond to be a pond again. With this restoration, it is hopeful that we will see the reappearance of pre-existing species such as great crested newts to the pond and its surrounding area, giving them a new place to live and thrive around the reserve.

Please excuse the current view of the area whilst this process is ongoing, this may take some time; but we can assure you it will be worth the wait to see the pond burst back into life upon completion!

All of this work has been possible thanks to the Welsh Governments Valleys Regional Park Discovery Gateways initiative; keep an eye on our Parc Slip social media pages for more updates!