Welsh Water Consultation

Dear WTSWW members and supporters,

Welsh Water are presently consulting on their Investment Plan for 2015-2021 – this can be seen at http://www.dwrcymru.com/en/Customer-Service/Your-Company-Your-Say.aspx . We are asking Welsh Water to invest in natural solutions to water supply and quality problems, but we need your help.

Creating and sustaining a healthy countryside can not only provide abundant, naturally clean water but can be good for wildlife, angling, tourism, flood risk reduction and locking in carbon thus reducing the impact of climate change. Such investment should reduce bills in the long term as natural solutions are cost effective and sustainable.

Reedbed by Rob Parry

Reedbed by Rob Parry

Welsh Water will decide if they want to invest in natural solutions through this consultation. But we need your voice to support an approach that will benefit wildlife. The Wildlife Trusts have created a template response for you to either adapt or just add your name and address to send in (just change red text to your details). Please send your responses to yoursay@dwrcymru.com by the 30th August 2013. Thank you for your support.