Severn Estuary Barrage

Energy at any price?

Valuing the Severn as an international asset

Knot  flying into Severn Estuary

Knot flying into Severn Estuary

Choose wisely, the right tidal power solution must consider – and understand – the estuary system as a whole.

The vast tidal range of the Severn Estuary makes it one of the great natural wonders of the world. It has unique wildlife habitats shaped by the beautiful winding rivers that run down from the Welsh hills to meet the sea of the Bristol Channel. The Estuary provides a haven for the young of our commercial fish stocks, it is a means of transport and trade, it is the site of many recreational pursuits and by its very nature it brings enjoyment to people of all ages. It is all these things and more, and a glance through this report will provide the first-hand accounts of what the Estuary means to people who live their lives by its tides and nature.

The tidal range also makes it a huge potential source of energy. Proposals to use this potential, and concerns about the possible impacts on the Estuary ecosystem, go back decades. So do warnings about the threat of climate change.

The reports can be downloaded from here:

Severn report 2013 English Version

Severn report 2013 Welsh Version