Campaign News

We have been involved in a number of campaigns over the years and our members give us the voice to speak up on matters, including of late the Marine and Coastal Access Act and the now abandoned badger cull in Pembrokeshire.

In August 2013 we are asking you to help us by responding to the Dwr Cymru Welsh Water consultation, Your Company Your Say.

We are also involved in the campaign against the Severn Estuary Barrage, we recognise the need for green and clean energy but we do not feel that this is a good answer to our ongoing energy problems.

Tompot Blenny  Paul Naylor

Tompot Blenny Paul Naylor

The Wildlife Trusts are leading a campaign to put pressure on the Welsh Government to implement and create Marine Protected Areas. Our Petition Fish campaign will create sanctuaries for all our sea life.

We are also supporting our neighbours Gwent Wildlife Trust in their campaign to protect the Gwent Levels from proposals for damaging new transport links.