Westfield Pill

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Grid References O.S. Explorer map OL36 South Pembrokeshire.Main entrance: SM966062 (Marina-south) SM961073 (north); Site centre: SM964066

Tenure Leased from Pembrokeshire County Council. Open water leased from the Crown Estate.

Otter by L Maiden

Otter by L Maiden

Size 4.7 ha (11.6 acres).

Location and Access Notes
Public transport – Walk from Neyland.

Off road parking at Neyland Marina. Part of the National Cycle Network. Wheelchair access along cycleway.


Old railway line surrounded on its western side by woodland and to the east by a 20 acre lake.

The habitat consists of fairly open old railway line, complete with its original limestone ballast, with an Oak woodland edge, scrubby meadow and a lagoon. The lake which is partly tidal has an area of reedbed at the northern end and muddy margins to the south, with man-made islands. Flora species of note include Spindle (5-6), Bastard Balm (5-7), Grass Vetchling (5-7) and 2 species of Wild Service Tree.

Over half of the Pembrokeshire population of Little Grebe overwinter on the site with Goldeneye. Other birds to be found include Kingfisher and Shelduck, with Swans and passerines in summer, augmented by waders such as the Redshank.

Adder, Grass Snake, Slow Worm, Common Newt and Toad have all been recorded on site and there is a rich assemblage of invertebrates including Holly Blue and Purple Hairstreak butterflies, numerous dragonflies and the Tentacled Lagoon Worm – where this is one of its few European sites. Fish present are Brown Trout, Eel, Mullet, Flatfish, Sea Trout and Stickleback.

Mammals of note include Otters and four species of bat, including Daubenton’s.