Rhos Glandenys, Cross Inn, Ceredigion

Grid References: O.S. Explorer map 199 Lampeter. Main entrance: SN539650, Site centre: SN538650
Status: None
Tenure: Freehold was purchased in 1989 with grant aid from the National Heritage Memorial Fund.
Size: 2.4 ha (5.9 acres)

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Location and Access Notes

Public transport: Not on a regular bus route.

Off road parking for 2 cars. Access is via a kissing gate. There is a bridge with a stile over a boggy area at the western end to connect the 3 fields in the site. The site is flat but there are large areas of wetland, it is not wheelchair friendly. No footpaths but open access.

Description: Rhos pasture.

Snipe by Margaret Holland

Snipe by Margaret Holland

Rhos Glandenys can be divided into 3 compartments of wet, species-rich grassland with a mosaic of communities associated with the varying wetness of the land and is an excellent example of wet Ceredigion ‘rhos’ grassland. It is surrounded by banks with mixed species hedges, mainly Willow, and a small scrub woodland.

Hedgerow birds are abundant, including Dunnock, Robin, Blackbird, Wren and Grasshopper Warblers have also nested on site. Willow Warblers and Chiffchaff are common summer visitors. There are areas of standing water and Common and Jack Snipe and Woodcock are frequent visitors in the autumn/winter and early spring months.

The site is noted mainly for its abundance of Southern Marsh Orchids (6-7), and Heath Spotted Orchids (6-7) can be seen as well as a beautiful summer display of Ragged Robin (5-7), Sneezewort (7-8), Devil’s-bit Scabious (6-10) and Greater Bird’s-foot Trefoil (6-8).

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