Pant Da, Rheidol Valley, Ceredigion

Grid References: O.S. Explorer map 213 Aberystwyth & Cwm Rheidol. Main entrance: SN671788, Site centre: SN670788
Status: None
Tenure: The freehold of this reserve was generously given to the Trust by Mrs. Margot C. Daniel in 1976.
Size: 4.0 ha (9.9 acre).

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Location and Access Notes

Public transport: The closest bus stop is in Capel Bangor, where the 525 service runs to and from Aberystwyth every 2-3 hours.

3 km south east of Capel Bangor, along the road from the A44 at Capel Bangor to the Cwm Rheidol dam. Reserve is on the left after the gravel pits (approx 2.5 km). Parking on the verge immediately adjacent to access gate. Inaccessible for wheelchairs.

Description: Upland Oak woodland and planted Beech.

This woodland historically consisted of Oak coppice. The central area was clear felled in 1950, and replanted with Larch in 1954. A strip along the roadside was replaced in the late 1950s with Oak and Beech at the owner’s request. In 1983/84, after acquisition by the Trust, the majority of Larch were clear felled, and the site replanted with native tree species, predominantly Oak. Some original coppice stools still survive. Other tree species have self seeded into the reserve.

The result of this management history has been that the ground flora of the peripheral area is much richer and the many of the trees on the boundary support an interesting epiphytic flora. Since the replanting in the 1980s, an understorey, including Bracken and Bramble scrub has developed, meaning that the reserve has a much greater diversity of woodland birds than the neighbouring, grazed mature Oak woodlands.

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