Overton Cliff & Roydon’s Corner, Overton, Gower, Swansea

Description: Sea cliffs, limestone grassland, heath and scrub.

Overton Cliff can be accessed from the stile in the south east corner of the Long Hole Cave nature reserve in the west, or from the footpath adjacent to the seashore of the Overton Mere nature reserve in the east.

Bloody Cranesbill Philip Precey

Bloody Cranesbill Philip Precey

Overton Cliff is ungrazed at present and the vegetation is predominantly heathland and scrub made up of a mixture of European and Western Gorse (7-10) and Bell Heather (7-8) together with Hawthorn, Blackthorn, and Juniper (4). Because of the close proximity of the sea and lack of grazing part of the grassland at the western end of the reserve, which is dominated by Red Fescue, has formed a thick mattress-like sward, now invaded by Gorse.

Early Purple Orchid (4-5) followed by Bloody Cranesbill (6-8) and Carline Thistle (7-9) adorn the limestone grassland, while the Wild Madder climbs its way through the Gorse.

Feral Rock Dove use the ledges on Overton Cliff to nest, while Jackdaw use the cave and rock face. Green Woodpecker might be seen foraging for ants amongst the anthills in the grassland.

Grayling butterfly (7-8) favour the open scree slopes, while the Dotted Beefly (4-5) searches for solitary bees nesting at the cliff edge, and other solitary wasps hunt spiders and snails.

Grid References O.S. Explorer map 164 Gower. Main entrance: SS460848, Site centre: SS458848

Status Part of the South Gower Coast SSSI, which in turn is part of the European Natura 2000 site, the Limestone Sea Cliffs of South West Wales SAC.

Tenure Overton Cliff was purchased in February 1964 with financial help and grant aid from SPNR’s Nuffield Fund, the Pilgrim Trust and WWF. Roydon’s Corner was purchased in 1996 with grant aid from CCW.

Size 11.1 ha (27.4 acres).

Location and Access Notes

0.2 km south west of the village of Overton, adjacent to Overton Mere nature reserve. Not accessible to wheelchairs.

Public Transport

Bus numbers 117, 118, 115 and 21a from Swansea Quadrant Bus Station to Overton village.

Overton Cliff