Llanrhidian Hill, Llanrhidian, Gower, Swansea

Description: Limestone grassland, scrub, and quarries.

Much of the site occupies a steep north-facing slope on Carboniferous limestone, giving fine views overlooking the Burry Estuary.

Marbled white butterfly

Marbled white butterfly

It is composed mainly of species-rich limestone grassland with Common Rock-rose (5-9), Wild Thyme (5-8) and Milkwort (4-7) abundant, with patches of Elder, Hawthorn and Ash scrub which grades into mature Ash woodland to the west. At the eastern end there are two limestone quarry sites with the remains of a limestone kiln by the southern entrance. The smaller quarry is scrub-filled.

The larger quarry is shallow with a grassland-covered floor, its rocky sides supporting a slightly different assemblage of lime-loving plants.

This is a site to see the locally rare Marble White butterfly (6-8).

Grid References O.S. Explorer map 164 Gower. Main entrance: SS496921, Site centre: SS495922

Status The site is registered common land, and has been declared open public access.

Tenure The freehold of this reserve was given to the Trust in April 1966 by the late Mr. C.P.M. Methuen-Campbell.

Size Area 3.09 ha (7.6 acres).

Location and Access Notes

Adjacent to Llanrhidian village, on the west side behind the church. Main access from opposite the village / church hall. Not accessible to wheelchairs.

Public Transport

Bus numbers 115, 116 and 119 from Swansea Quadrant Bus Station.

Llanrhidian Hill map