Nature Recovery Plan

Welsh Wildlife needs you!

Please help us to tell Welsh Government what to put in its “Nature Recovery Plan”. We have until the 3rd of December to make our voices heard.

The Nature Recovery Plan will direct how some of Wales’ most precious wildlife sites will be managed

The Natural Resources Minister, Carl Sargeant, and his Welsh Government officials are developing a Nature Recovery Plan and new legislation, the Environment (Wales) Bill. The policy plan and new law should protect nature for the future, but WTSWW believes that it needs tighter targets and more specific actions in it, if it is to succeed.

Welsh Government has opened a public consultation for organisations and individuals to respond to the proposed plan. Both Wildlife Trusts Wales and WTSWW have responded, and we would like to see:

• The intrinsic value of nature placed at the heart of the plan rather than the current greater focus on economic values of biodiversity and the benefits to society

• The inclusion of a fully resourced action plan that will enable the recovery and to give greater recognition to species and habitat restoration and enhancement and build on (rather than ignoring) successes to date

• The plan enabling the better management of our most precious sites including local Wildlife Sites. These sites need to be bigger, better and more connected.

• The restoration and enhancement of our seas.

• The recovery of nature to be requirement on all public bodies in Wales.

We would like as many people as possible to contact Welsh Government to encourage them to create a better Nature Recovery Plan. This is where you can help us make a difference.

You can do this by sending a letter in response to the public consultation open right now. Download our template response letter, or write your own, and send it to Welsh Government to ask for a better Nature Recovery Plan.

If you wish to read the original consultation documents, they can be found here.

Email or post your letter to Welsh Government by Wednesday 3 December to or Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Branch, Rhodfa Padarn, Llanbadarn Fawr, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 3UR.

For more information on WTSWW’s response to the Nature Recovery Plan or for any further information, contact Conservation Manager, Lizzie Wilberforce-

By doing this, you will be making a contribution to the future of nature in Wales. Thank you!