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My Wild Cardiff Projects
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We’ve got some really exciting projects going on in the My Wild Cardiff project, from helping to create ponds on Allensbank Road to running a Bug Hotel competition for allotments.

Click the links above to find out more about what we’ve been doing and what we have planned.

Latest My Wild Cardiff News

  • Stay WILD when working from home!
    Home working can introduce some unhealthy habits like staying in front of a screen all day and never venturing outdoors. DON’T PANIC….we’ve got some easy ways to help you connect with nature, even in the middle of a busy day! Whether you’ve got five minutes or an hour, there’s plenty of ways you can make ...
  • In Memory of Margaret Perring 1933 – 2020
    Margaret Perring (nee Barrow), who was a loyal member of the Wildlife Trust, sadly died at the beginning of April. Margaret was born in Maesteg on 14th May 1933 and was head girl at Maesteg Grammar School before going on to read Biology at Leeds University.  Here she developed an interest in botany and after several ...
  • 5 Wild Things To Do in Cardiff this Year5 Wild Things To Do in Cardiff this Year
    5 Wild Things To Do in Cardiff this Year Even in the heart of Wales’ Capital City wildlife thrives. The Trust’s ‘My Wild Cardiff’ project, which is generously supported by the Players of the People’s Postcode Lottery, has been running in Cardiff for a couple of years. The project focuses on encouraging Cardiff residents to improve ...
  • Help Wildlife Survive this WinterHelp Wildlife Survive this Winter
    There are little things that we can all do this winter to ensure that the colder season is easier for our local wildlife friends. Here are a few suggestions… Pop out bird feeders full of delicious seeds Floating a tennis ball in a pond, or source of water, will prevent it from freezing over Let your garden grow wild ...
  • December- My Wild Garden YearDecember- My Wild Garden Year
    For the last My Wild Garden Year challenge of 2018, we’d like you to plant a wildlife-friendly hedge or if you have no room, fruiting trees.    Planting a native hedge is a brilliant way to divide a garden, define boundaries and hide unsightly features, and they are of great value for wildlife, acting as corridors for movement from ...
  • November- My Wild Garden YearNovember- My Wild Garden Year
    For this month’s My Wild Garden Year challenge, it’s time to create the ultimate wildlife garden feature- a wildlife pond!    Creating a wildlife pond is the best thing you can do for wildlife in your garden or outdoor area. They provide breeding places for amphibians and homes for numerous invertebrates, which in turn encourage other wildlife such as ...

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