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We’ve got some really exciting projects going on in the My Wild Cardiff project, from helping to create ponds on Allensbank Road to running a Bug Hotel competition for allotments.

Click the links above to find out more about what we’ve been doing and what we have planned.

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  • My Wild Garden Year- Introduction My Wild Garden Year My Wild Cardiff Wildlife Trust of South and West WalesDid you know that in the UK, there is more land managed as gardens than all the nature reserves across the UK put together? Imagine what a difference we could make for UK wildlife if everyone did gardened with wildlife in mind. As you probably know, wildlife across the UK is struggling. And sadly, this includes ...
  • January- My Wild Garden Year Put Up Bird Boxes, My Wild Garden YearFor this month’s My Wild Garden Year challenge, we would like you to put up nest boxes for birds in your garden. Many garden birds nest or roost in hollow trees and holes in trees. Unfortunately, these days most old and lying trees and branches, which offer the best nesting and roosting sites, are routinely cut ...
  • Who’s up for a challenge?! Building the pop up gardenAlthough we’ve still got mince pies to eat and silly festive hats to wear, we are already looking forward to 2018 and the New Years Resolutions we are going to make. As you probably know, wildlife across the UK is struggling. And sadly, this includes garden wildlife. Studies conducted in 2017 indicate that Hedgehogs have declined ...
  • Make your own Festive Bird Feeders! Bird Feeder Wreath Wildlife TrustAt this cold time of year, it’s very important to keep feeding your garden birds to help them survive the winter. This year, why not make these festive bird feeders for your own garden and to give as Christmas presents? They are easy to make and so pretty- and the birds will appreciate them most of ...
  • My Wild Garden Year- a month by month guide to wildlife gardening My Wildlife Garden Year CoverWe have produced a month by month guide to wildlife gardening, to enable you to know how to create and maintain a wildlife garden no matter the time of year! No matter what time of year, we have some tips and tricks for you to help you look after the wildlife in your garden. Simply ...
  • Watch our video about the Cardiff Pop-up Wildlife Garden Hannah in My WIld Garden Pop-up Garden CardiffIf you missed coming along to our pop-up wildlife garden which we created in Bute Park this summer, then fear not! We’ve created the following video so you can see the process of building the garden and what the finished garden looked like. It included a green roof, a pond, a compost bin and plenty ...

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