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If you have an allotment in Cardiff, you might be interested in entering our competition!

We are looking for the best Allotment Bug Hotel (or Palace, or Mansion!) in Cardiff.

Download this guide and build your own Bug Hotel, as big or as small as you like. Then take lots of photos and submit them to us by email, post or on social media using the hashtags #MyWildCardiff #MyWildAllotmentby Friday 1st September 2017

You could win a wildlife gardening pack for your allotment, including a pre-formed pond and bird boxes! Your entries will also be shared on our social media and in our e-newsletter. Please do sign up to hear the latest news.

We look forward to seeing your creations!

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Bug Hotel

Bug Hotel

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    At this cold time of year, it’s very important to keep feeding your garden birds to help them survive the winter. This year, why not make these festive bird feeders for your own garden and to give as Christmas presents? They are easy to make and so pretty- and the birds will appreciate them most of ...
  • Calling Cardiff Allotments and Community Gardens!Calling Cardiff Allotments and Community Gardens!
    Calling all Cardiff Allotmenteers and Community Gardeners! Enter our competition this year to build a bug hotel to create habitat for wildlife such as solitary bees and lacewings on your allotment or in your community garden. Enter by the 1st September 2017 to be in with a chance to win some wildlife gardening goodies for your community ...

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    This past year the Trust has been working with Cardiff Local Nature Partnership (LNP) to improve biodiversity in polluted, urbanised areas of Cardiff using Green Walls. Green Walls (or living walls) are vertical structures of plants, attached to a building in sections or made of climbing plants that slowly grow up the wall themselves. The benefits of ...
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    We are delighted to share some good news!! The National Lottery Community Fund announced that nearly £3 million has been awarded to communities in Wales to tackle climate change, thanks to National Lottery players. Two organisations in Wales have been awarded grants totalling £2,738,621 from The National Lottery Community Fund Climate Action Fund to take climate action ...
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    Sometimes it’s hard to see how your environmental efforts as an individual has an impact on the global scale of climate change, but the small acts we do for the environment are valuable when each action is part of a wider collective effort. By now we are used to thinking about switching disposable plastic and coffee ...

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