Why Become a Member?

Red squirrels, dolphins, harvest mice, ospreys, puffins, seals and so much more, you have some amazing wildlife on your doorstep and we have been protecting it for over 70 years. Without  the support of our members this would have been impossible.

By becoming a member you can protect red squirrels and much more, photo by Steve Davis

Red Squirrel by Steve Davis

By joining us you will make a difference, Welsh wildlife can make a difference to you:

  • Learn about your countryside.
  • Experience wildlife first hand.
  • Explore your local reserves.
  • Discover amazing wildlife.
  • Have fun with the whole family.
  • Protect Welsh wildlife for the future.
  • Enjoy free great days out.
  • Make a real difference.

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In the last few years The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales has:

  • managed over 80 of the most ecologically important nature reserves in Wales
  • responded to hundreds of planning applications, in order to protect the local environment from potentially harmful development
  • campaigned for Marine Protected Areas and has fought both the logic and policies which undervalues wildlife and is prepared to sacrifice it for short term gain
  • educated thousands of children and adults of all abilities about the wonders of the natural world on their doorsteps
  • run hundreds of inspiring events for all ages
  • campaigned tirelessly against an poorly researched blanket cull of badgers in Pembrokeshire whilst working closely with WAG to support the development of alternatives to culling such as vaccination
  • worked shoulder to shoulder with landowners entrusted with wildlife rich habitats to help them keep them healthy and safe for the future

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