Our Stunning Seas

Join us on an Incredible Undersea Journey

“Living Seas” is The Wildlife Trusts’ vision for the future of the seas around Wales and the UK. Within Living Seas, marine wildlife thrives, from the depths of the ocean to the coastal shallows.

Bottlenose Dolphin by Harry Hogg

Bottlenose Dolphin by Harry Hogg

In Living Seas:

  • Wildlife and habitats are recovering from past decline as our use of the seas’ resources becomes environmentally sustainable.
  • The natural environment is adapting well to a changing climate, and ocean processes are helping to slow down climate change.
  • People are inspired by marine wildlife and cherish the sea for its inherent value and the many ways in which it supports our quality of life
Jewel anemones by Sally Sharrock

Jewel anemones by Sally Sharrock

Did you know all the pictures here on our living seas pages were taken in the UK? Not many of us ever really get to see the underwater world for ourselves, but many would assume these colourful pictures were taken in tropical waters.

Our seas are really special- help us to make sure they stay that way.

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