Living Seas

Future Fisheries - Sprat Shoal by Paul Naylor

Future Fisheries

Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre

Cardigan Bay Sea Quest

Cardigan Bay Sea Quest

Unfortunately, Wales’s seas are not currently Living Seas – significant and urgent effort is required if we are to achieve our vision of a wildlife-rich marine environment.

Across the UK, the Wildlife Trusts are the largest environmental organisation working actively to conserve our marine environment and the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, which covers almost half of Wales’s coast, has a key role to play.

Take action to help us achieve our vision for Living Seas

Want to find out more? Visit Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre.

Help us develop our Living Seas Wales Project.

You can join us on our Living Seas Wales website and tell us your Sea Stories. Our Living Seas work is with North Wales Wildlife Trust and we hope to raise awareness of our precious marine environment through our incredible 7D augmented reality experience.

The seas truly are a life support system for us all. They provide us with food, materials for building, and even the oxygen we breathe. They support a huge array species, and are home to all manner spectacular and special wildlife.

We all enjoy a trip to the seaside, but perhaps we do not always think about what is happening under the surface – out of sight can be out of mind.

We are concentrating our conservation work for the marine environment on four key areas:

Leopard Spot Goby by Paul Naylor

Marine Protected Areas

Fish to Eat

Urchins Brittlestars by Paul Naylor

Marine Planning

Basking Shark by JP Trenque

Marine Legislation