Pencnwc Mawr Woodland Appeal Update!

An update from Sarah Kessell,  WTSWW's Chief Executive Officer...

I am delighted to share some very good news!

We have now completed the purchase of Pencnwc Mawr Woodland!

Thank you to everyone who supported our appeal and for helping to make this possible with your donation.

The appeal was launched in January 2021 and we needed to raise the money quickly to prevent the woodland being sold to another interested buyer who wanted to manage the woodland as a pheasant shoot.

We did not raise the full amount in time through the appeal, but we were able to top up the funds we needed in the short term by borrowing from a fund that was left to us as a gift in a will. Any further donations we receive for this appeal will help restore that fund.

Pencnwc wood shares much of the wildlife interest of the adjacent Pengelli Forest nature reserve and has expanded our nature reserve by a fifth. We can now manage this enlarged woodland reserve sympathetically, to provide the best conditions for wildlife and reduce the damaging effects of habitat fragmentation.

By donating, you have helped many woodland species including the rare barbastelle bat, the visiting greater horseshoe bats, breeding populations of dormice, together with many woodland birds and butterflies, particularly the silver-washed fritillary.

Our plan is to use this opportunity to encourage local people, farmers and other land owners to gently transform their landscape into a more natural, sustainable and safer environment – a better place for wildlife and people. The appeal has already drawn attention to this plan and we have been contacted by another woodland owner in the area who is interested in a woodland owners forum, a promising start!

Our focus now is on raising the funds needed to integrate the two woodlands and carry out any initial management needed.

During the midst of Covid19 and all the problems this has caused, the purchase of this woodland has been a wonderfully positive step forward for wildlife. The staff, Trustees and I have been greatly encouraged by the response of our supporters over such a short time.

With many thanks from me and all at the Wildlife Trust.

Sarah Kessell

Silver-washed Fritillary butterfly- male nectaring.