Skomer Island Seabird Monitoring Volunteer

Razorbill and Guillemots

Razorbill and Guillemots

A Seabird Monitoring Volunteer is required for 2018!

The post runs from 25th May until 30th June 2018. This is a fantastic opportunity to volunteer on one of Britain’s most important seabird colonies. Skomer has around 24,000 Guillemots, 7,000 Razorbills and 25,000 Puffins. And that’s not to mention the world’s largest colony of Manx Shearwaters, around 316,000 pairs! This volunteering position will be to help out with our busiest period of the year, which we start by counting gull nests and then continue on to counting every nesting seabird on the island from land and boat, twice. There will also be a large proportion of time spent recording playback from Shearwater census plot burrows across the island.

You can find out more information from our Seabird monitoring advert here.

To apply for this position you will need to download and fill in this application form.

How to apply:

Please read the volunteer advert carefully and then fill in the application form attached to the specific role.

Please note: The application forms for the Long Term Volunteer positions and Seabird Monitoring position are different so it is important to fill out the right one.

Once completed please send your applications via e-mail to:

Leighton Newman, Skomer Visitor Officer