Make A Spot For Pollinators In Your Garden!

native wildflowers are excellent nectar sources for pollinators

native wildflowers are excellent nectar sources for pollinators

My Wild Cardiff Free Wildflower Seed Packs

Meadow, Urban or Shady Seed Packs

Meadow, Urban or Shady Seed Packs

Sometimes it’s hard to see how your environmental efforts as an individual has an impact on the global scale of climate change, but the small acts we do for the environment are valuable when each action is part of a wider collective effort.

By now we are used to thinking about switching disposable plastic and coffee cups for reusable alternatives, and perhaps you go further in eco-proofing your home through solar panels or reducing your water usage.

We want you to go one small act further, and challenge you to think outside of your home and local coffee shop. Instead do something for wildlife in your outdoor space, be it a windowsill, balcony, patio or a garden.

We have plenty of tips to get you started on providing a haven for wildlife in your garden here, from small (e.g. starting a compost heap) to large garden projects (e.g. building a bug hotel).

If you are just getting started with gardening (or the concept of gardening for wildlife) the perfect way to start is to create a small area (1m2) for pollinating insects (bees, butterflies and flies) in your outdoor space. We have free wildflower seeds to give away to help you get started with making a spot for pollinators in your little bit of Cardiff!

These native wildflowers are excellent nectar sources for pollinators and have the bonus of looking pretty too. All you have to do is sow the seeds evenly into a patch of clear earth. This could be at the bottom of the garden or into pots or a planter (perfect if tight on space). Water them, and leave them be to grow.

We have three types of seed mix, each designed to attract and support urban pollinating insects: Meadow, Urban and Shady. Each mix contains a variety of native grasses and wildflowers, from yarrow to cornflowers. With the shady mix being perfect to chuck in that shaded corner at the bottom of the garden.

Collectively these small patches of wildflowers will build into a local haven for pollinating insects across the city. If every person living in Cardiff grew a 1m2 area of wildflowers that would create a wildflower meadow ~ 400,000 m2 in size1. Working together we can make a big impact.

If you would like a free packet of wildflower seeds please fill in this quick survey so that we can send it to you. If you’ve already created a wildflower patch in your Cardiff garden we’d love to see them! Send your pictures to or post on social media with #MyWildCardiff or @WTSWW.

Our thanks to People’s Postcode Lottery for supporting the My Wild Cardiff Project and Natural Resouce Wales for funding these wonderful seed packs.

1Based on ONS Population Estimates for UK, England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland: Mid‐2018, published June 2019.

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