Green Deserts or Verdant Pastures?

The great British obsession does sometimes seem to be a lawn. People seem to desire a perfectly manicured green carpet around their house, sadly this can create, what we call, a green desert where nothing really thrives.

Wildflower Meadow by Kieron Huston

Wildflower Meadow by Kieron Huston

At this time of year you often hear the mowers roar into life (when the weather is at least dry and not blowing a hooley), and it is the traditional sound of summer. However the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales is asking all of you who cannot resist the weekly trim to think this year about cutting  back (no pun intended).

Instead of cutting a whole lawn area why not leave some of the edges or part of your lawn to grow through the year, strimming and clearing back in autumn. Introducing meadow seed into this will give you a flower rich area after a couple of years. It is essential to reduce nutrients in this part of the lawn as the wildflower meadow species tend to prefer poorer soils.

Where you do continue to mow consider knocking the cutting length right up, this will allow forget me nots, speedwells, stitchworts, ale hoof and other small flowers to thrive in your lawn. Instead of a boring (and wildlife useless) area you will be rewarded with the sounds of grasshoppers and the hum of insects in amongst a jewelled lawn, thriving off a verdant pasture.