Garden Wildlife Filming – Top Hints & Tips!

Smile for the camera Mr Hedgehog! Image by Gillian Day

Smile for the camera Mr Hedgehog! Image by Gillian Day

Catherine Lewis – WTSWW's Wildlife Education Officer is here to help....

Trail Camera footage

Trail Camera footage

Camera traps are wildly used by our Conservation team as part of species monitoring, they are also a great way to see what wildlife is out and about, day and night, when it’s quiet in your gardens.

Unlike our Wildlife Trust Conservation team’s equipment, the cameras I use as part of the Education programme are at the lower end of the price spectrum, at less than £50 in price they are ideal to use with the children’s groups and schools, yet the results are just as delightful. However, I have invested in a couple of Joby Gorillapods, as they are so useful for balancing the cameras.

Here are my TOP TIPS to setting up a camera trap in your garden;

1. Make sure it set to ON rather than playback, I have put a white mark at the ON position!

2. Clear any close tall vegetation that might move in the wind and trigger the camera, otherwise you will have a memory card full of waving foliage!

3. If its video you would rather, maybe set up 1 or 2 photos + video, that way you won’t have to trawl through 4hrs of short video clip to see if you have anything more than moving foliage or a passing bee.

4. If it’s a specific time you want to monitor, maybe just after dark, then set the timer to take shots just during that time.

During lockdown I have had all the cameras out on Cadoxton Ponds here are some of the images captured. One of the cameras was even toppled over during a goose fight caught on video!!