Donations for Dolphins Appeal

Image by Janet Baxter

Image by Janet Baxter

Our seas and marine life are suffering the impacts of society and human interference.

We are working tirelessly to monitor and protect the semi-resident population of Bottlenose Dolphins in Cardigan Bay. But we need your help!

Approximately 35% of Welsh inshore waters and 75% of the coastline receives protected status.  What does this actually mean? Unfortunately, despite these designations our seas still suffer from litter, pollution, and insatiable demands for food, energy and aggregates.

Cardigan Bay (the base for our Living Seas work) is one of only two areas in UK waters that host a semi-resident population of bottlenose dolphins – apex predators like these are barometers of the state of the marine environment. For this reason we have been monitoring the population through our Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre (CBMWC) for over 20 years.

We need your donations to carry on this work.

Your donations will allow us to recruit and train volunteers to carry out research and monitoring, and to provide the necessary equipment to support them.

At CBMWC, our Living Seas volunteers help us provide information to others on how to respect and enjoy the dolphins without disturbing them. In the face of current acute and chronic ecological change, accurate and long-term monitoring is critical to understand and mitigate the impacts. Cetaceans are long lived, and are much harder to study than terrestrial wildlife, so monitoring must be long-term.

We simply cannot continue this vital work without your support.

You can find more information about the Donations for Dolphins appeal here.

Please donate now, they need you

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