A Ride for Nature

Motorcycles and nature don’t usually go hand in hand, but a South Wales based Classic Motorcycle Club is breaking the mould. On June 16th 2019, the South Wales Classic Motorcycle Club (SWCMC) will embark on a 100+ mile motorcycle ride in aid of The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales (WTSWW).

The Club was set up in June 2018, with a mission to organise motorcycle rides to raise money for charity.

Carys Evans, Communications and Fundraising Officer at WTSWW said:

“We are honoured to have been chosen as the South Wales Motorcycle Club’s designated charity. We are always grateful for any funds raised, no matter how little. All money raised will go towards covering the cost of our vital conservation work, protecting our beautiful Welsh wildlife. Thank you South Wales Classic Motorcycle Club!”

This epic ride will tour South and West Wales in remembrance of Caerphilly biking legend, Malcolm Uphill. This June marks the 50th anniversary of Malcom’s historic 1969 Isle of Man TT victory.

Josh Capaldi, Media Wizard for the South Wales Classic Motorcycle Club said:

“Winning the TT in biking terms is one of the highest accolades.  As a Caerphilly based bike club and having our own homegrown TT hero, we felt the least we could do is celebrate the 50th anniversary of Malcolm's win. During his lifetime Malcolm was a quiet and humble man but was well known for his love of wildlife and nature. We knew he would have wanted us to support a charity that will make a difference in our local and wider area.”

Starting at 10am on June 16th from the Malcolm Uphill pub in Caerphilly, supporters will ride through the countryside, stopping in key locations along the way. More information about the ride can be found here.

If you know any motorcyclists who would like to tour South and West Wales whilst also contributing to the conservation of wildlife, join the SWCMC in their epic ride for nature!