Spermwatch CoCoast Survey

Date(s) - 20 Oct 2017 until 23 Oct 2017
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre


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Join us to carry out surveys of local lugworm population breeding – organised by Co Coast and carried out annually across the UK. Take part in valuable citizen science by identifying breeding sites and timings of the lugworm, which is an important food source for many fish and bird species, forming a significant part of the food web in our marine environments. We will survey for lugworm casts and sperm puddles – these are released by male individuals at low tide and then as the tide comes in are washed into the burrows of female animals. Co Coast need to know vital information such as when and where this sperm is released to gain a better understanding of the breeding of these important invertebrates. Head onto the Co Coast website to find out more information and to download the survey sheet to carry out your own survey here: https://www.capturingourcoast.co.uk/

Low Tide 20/10/17 – 15:30 – CBMWC Survey at 15:00
Low Tide 21/10/17 – 16:01 – CBMWC Survey at 15:30
Low Tide 22/10/17 – 16:36 – CBMWC Survey at 16:00
Low Tide 23/10/17 – 17:09 – CBMWC Survey at 16:30