Rambling with Reptiles at Parc Slip

Grass Snake

On Wednesday 29th May, the new events programme at Parc Slip kicked off with a Reptile Ramble!

At 10am, 15 adults and children set off to walk around the Nature Reserve and see what reptiles we could find. There are a number of reptile refugia made from corrugated sheets placed in study areas of the reserve to allow us to monitor the Parc Slip reptile population.

These study areas are strictly no public access, so these guided walks like the Reptile Rambles are a great opportunity for attendees to visit these areas that are usually hidden. Within half an hour of searching and checking the refugia, we had seen eight grass snakes, a water shrew and a common shrew, already a huge success!


Reptile Rambling

Reptile Rambling

We then wandered on through the reserve, keeping an eye on the south-facing banks for reptiles basking in the sun. This soon paid off when we noticed a beautiful male adder basking cryptically in amongst the scrub!  The Reptile Ramble rounded up with a sighting of a female slow worm and a lovely walk in the sun back to the Visitor Centre.

The Reptile Rambles are held every Wednesday from 10am, meeting at the Coffee Shop in the Parc Slip Wildlife Trust Visitor Centre. No registration needed, just turn up on the day and take part in our reptile monitoring project.



Other events running from the centre this year include bat walks, butterfly transects, nature walks, balsam bashing, bird spotting and many more.

See the events page for a full programme.