New Cliff Top Fencing at Cwm Colhuw Nature Reserve!

Working with a local contractor with funding from Natural Resources Wales, our Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales (WTSWW) Officers,  Tim Jones and Vaughn Matthews have just completed a shiny new cliff top fence at our Cwm Colhuw Nature Reserve near Llantwit Major.

Several cliff falls last year left sections of the old fence hanging in mid-air and despite temporary repairs a more permanent fix was needed. What would normally be a straightforward job for the Trust was complicated by the difficulties of getting the materials to the site and the fact that the Reserve is also home to an iron-age hillfort which is a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

This meant using our new electric buggy (funded by Welsh Government) to get the materials up the track. We also needed to get permission from CADW before we started work and have the Glamorgan and Gwent Archaeological Trust check out the holes we dug for the fence posts just in case we discovered or damaged any ancient artefacts (we found some iron-age pottery!).

With the new fence in place, walkers along the Coast Path can feel a little less nervous and we can also let the ponies, which are vital for managing the wildflower meadows, safely back into the coastal field.

Fencing at Cwm Colhuw NR

Fencing at Cwm Colhuw Nature Reserve


Kerry Rogers, WTSWW's Conservation Manager.