Nest boxes at Llyn Fach

Nest box at Llyn Fach by Graham Watkeys

Room with a view - Graham Watkeys

The Biffa Award funded Llyn Fach home building scheme gets underway.

We now offer a number of well-designed residences to meet every requirement however specialised. We know the right location is important, so great consideration has been taken to provide the right aspect for the modern avian family.

Some of the nest boxes installed at Llyn Fach - Graham Watkeys

Some of the nest boxes installed at Llyn Fach - Graham Watkeys

We have also provided affordable over-day accommodation for our Chiropteran clients with all the convenience of inbuilt original features, made of the finest luxury plywood, providing bespoke perching for the discerning bat.

A lack of natural nesting holes is a real problem in most habitats, perhaps this is more noticeable in conifer plantations where trees tend to be all of the same age and are often harvested before a complex habitat structure develops.

We are helping by adding some artificial structure around Llyn Fach, not just for small birds and bats but for both owls and kestrels which have more specialised nesting requirements and suffer more from a lack of large tree cavities increasing competition for nesting sites limiting populations at a local level.

We hope to see our boxes being used over the coming months and what species will use which boxes has us all intrigued (bet there's blue tits – the editor).

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