Mystery “G”

As a volunteer warden who wanders around his reserve on a regular basis generally rootling, nosing and furtling about you would think you would know it pretty well, however some things just pop up that are entirely unexpected and engender the response “Why on earth didn’t I see that before?” and this time it’s nothing to do with wildlife.

The Unknown Mr G - is not our Graham

The Unknown Mr G - is not our Graham

There are limestone boulders of various sizes dotted all over the reserve some natural some created by industry this particular one was found all by itself up on the valley side and at first it looked just like any other boulder but upon closer examination it was obvious it had been worked by man with a carved rounded top, the mystery deepened when the grass was moved to reveal a neatly carved letter G!

The consensus is that it must be some kind of land boundary marker but who “G” was (and no it’s not me!), how old the stone is and why it was placed where it was away from any main path is a mystery.

Graham Watkeys - Taf Fechan Volunteer Warden