A Morning In The Life Of

A morning in the life of a volunteer warden (winter edition):

10 mins mentally debating whether to bring gloves, 15 mins watching Goldfinch feeding on thistle seeds, 5 min aimless bimbling, 2 mins listening to a soap opera of kronking Ravens, 5 mins photographing interesting brown fungi, 30 secs deciding ”yes I should have brought gloves”, 1 and a half mins warming my fingers, 20 mins aimless bimbling, 2 mins trying to watch a Goldcrest as it zips through a Hawthorn, 30 secs being followed by horses, 3 mins contemplating the experience of hail bouncing off my ears, 10 mins aimless bimbling, 30 mins stalking interesting fungi (this is way more difficult than it seems), 4 mins cursing slugs for eating all the interesting fungi, 30secs wondering what the heck they put in slug pellets if all these poisonous fungi seemingly have no effect whatsoever on slugs, 10 secs wondering whether Taf Fechan has indestructible slugs, 5 secs thinking “yes gloves would have been a good idea”, 20 mins directed bimbling in the direction of home.

Total bimbling time:  2.2 hours (plus travel time) resulting in eight newly recorded species for the reserve and cold fingers.

Graham Watkeys - Taf Fechan Volunteer Reserve Warden