A morning in the life of a volunteer warden

20mins watching a large four spotted orb weaver make a web,

half an hour stalking hoverflies,

10 mins being harassed by a southern hawker repeatedly trying to land on my head (this actually happened),

5 mins chasing a moth, 10 mins cursing at said moth,

15mins further aimless bimbling,

8 mins chasing another moth, 5 mins photographing said moth,

1 min trying to remember how many crane flies had got in the shot (a lot),

4 mins pleading with hoverfly to turn around, 30 secs cursing said hoverfly for not once turning around,

20 mins more aimless bimbling,

10mins stalking interesting new ichneumon,

16 mins directed bimbling,

20 secs deciding whether to bother chasing another moth which promptly then disappeared anyway (beware the Moth in the sun!), 5 secs cursing said Moth,

20 mins aimless bimbling,

13 sec removing large garden spider discovered hanging from shirt, went home.

Total bimbling time 2.9 hours (plus traveling time) which resulted in three newly recorded species for the reserve, 61 photographs, a dying camera battery and a sense of satisfaction.

Graham Watkeys - Taf Fechan Volunteer Warden

All beautiful photos by Graham!