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Grey cushioned Grimmia (Grimmia pulvinata) by Graham Watkeys

Grey cushioned Grimmia (Grimmia pulvinata) by Graham Watkeys

This is Grimmia pulvinata; now with the tendency for the existence of hidden and, to my mind unnecessarily Delphic, cryptic species (two examples of a species look exactly identical in every way but are different), or various degrees of variability within a single species (two examples of a species look different but are exactly the same) it's sometimes just nice to find one that's unambiguous (that confident statement of unambiguity is correct at time of writing).

The first example of this species I found was just feet outside the Taf Fechan reserve boundaries and since it doesn't have wings it couldn't go on the list without some bending of “the rules” with subsequent feelings of mild guilt (We could consider a take over and expansion of the reserve - the editor).

This example however was on a small stone comfortably inside the reserve (no I didn’t move the stone inside the reserve that would be cheating) and can be claimed without any kind of bending (other than to lie down to get a good photo) as Number 559.

Grimmia pulvinata likes stone and mortared walls where it forms little silver grey cushions, a closer look (and I recommend you do have a closer look) reveals its spore baring capsules at the end of strongly arched stalks making them appear almost bashful.