Help Sand Martins at Parc Slip

Sand martin by Richard Bowler

Sand martin by Richard Bowler

Parc Slip Nature Reserve is the Wildlife Trusts flagship nature reserve in South Wales. Over the past two years the reserve has undergone a transformation to increase its suitability for a host of wildlife species including Little-ringed Plover and Lapwing.

Key to the new habitat enhancements has been the creation a series of wetland Scrapes, which now provide ideal foraging opportunities for Sand Martin, a species that hasn’t been recorded breeding at the reserve for over 15 years.

Sand Martins are Europe’s smallest member of the Swallow and Martin family (Hirundinidae), with brown markings above, white below and the distinctive brown band across the chest. As their Latin name (Riparia riparia) suggests, Sand Martins are associated with water, where they are seen in spring and summer hunting for insects over our rivers and lakes.

Now that foraging habitat has been created in the form of the new scrapes, the Wildlife Trust would like to provide suitable nesting opportunities for the species. Natural nest sites for Sand Martins are normally burrows in vertical river banks where they nest colonially for greater
protection. We aim to create suitable nesting conditions by providing a natural and artificial nest
bank. Together, the structures will provide nesting burrows for dozens of these magnificent long distance


New Scrapes at Parc Slip

To enable WTSWW to provide suitable nesting habitat for Sand Martins at Parc Slip, we are currently fundraising for a total of £2,000 toward the costs of creating artificial Sand Martin nesting banks alongside our new wetland scrapes. We are hoping that you may be able to help us create the nesting banks by donating toward the project.

To donate, you can download this Sand Martin Donation Form and post or drop it into our office at the following address:

Sand Martin Appeal
The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales
Nature Centre
Fountain Road
CF32 0EH

Or you can donate by texting the following codes to 70070:

To donate £3, text Sand06£3 to 70070

To donate £5, text Sand06£5 to 70070

To donate £10, text Sand06£10 to 70070

Or you can ring the office on 01656 724100 to donate by phone.

Thank you for supporting the work of the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales