Heath Park is a Neighbourhood for Newts

Palmate Newt in Heath Park Pond

Palmate Newt in Heath Park Pond

As part of the My Wild Cardiff project, we have been working with the neighbourhood around Heath Park to help the residents in the area learn more about newts and how they can help them in their own gardens.

Back in April, we started by doing a leaflet drop to houses in the area, which contained information about newts and how you can create habitat for newts in your own gardens and a mini garden survey, as well as an invitation to go out looking for newts in Heath Park.

A number of residents responded to the survey, showing us that newts are readily using garden ponds in the area, including Great Crested Newts.

Seven people came along on Friday 31st April to look for newts in the ponds in Heath Park- we used a 'torching' method, where you shine a bright light into the pond and look for the newts. We saw hundreds of Palmate Newts, including males in breeding condition which was lovely to see!

The My Wild Cardiff Project is funded by the players of People's Postcode Lottery.