Frog Went A-Courting

Frogs at Coed y Bwl Richard Marks

Frogs at Coed y Bwl Richard Marks

Frog spawn at Coed y Bwl

Frog spawn at Coed y Bwl by Richard Marks

Frogs are already on the march at Coed-y-Bwl Reserve – one jump ahead this year with masses of spawn appearing on January 27.

Reserve volunteers have logged only one January record in the same ancient sheep pond alongside the wood – coincidentally on January 27, 2008 during a comparably mild period of westerly weather.

At a time when frog ponds are vanishing through land development, the Coed-y-Bwl team have cared for the frogs by diverting rain water from a lane next to the reserve along a ditch and into the pond.

Twenty years ago the workers excavated - with buckets and spades – tonnes of silt to restore the pond for wildlife.

Richard Marks Coed y Bwl volunteer